Public Charging

Partner with RIMONE and host the charging station at your location.

  • Make your business future proof with emobility
  • Attract new customers and increase your revenue
  • Avoid ongoing maintenance and operation activities of charging infrastructure
  • RIMONE will maintain and handle all the activities
  • Site promotions and advertisements for customer acquisition.

Commercial Charging

Host the charging infrastructure at your workplace.

  • Increase employee productivity and interest
  • Achieve companies sustainable development goals
  • Saves a lot of time of your employee for work
  • Low maintenance and running cost makes it pocket friendly

Fleet Charging

Partner with RIMONE to power your EV fleet any time and anywhere.

  • Lower the TCO by partnering with RIMONE
  • Wide network of charging station to charge on the way
  • Lower the expenses will help to earn more profits
  • EV's are the future lets become part of it