We aim to bring emobility in India by creating a nationwide network of charging stations for
electric vehicles. So that people can move freely in their electric vehicles without worrying about
their next charge. We want to make EV charging convenient, reliable and affordable.


RIMONE chargers are precisely located at locations that will let you charge your EV while doing your daily errands. The convenient charging will save a lot of your time for charging so that whenever you need to rush, your EV will be ready for the ride.


RIMONE's chargers will always be there when you need to charge your EV. We are consistently working on our network to make it more user friendly and easy to charge with.


With no service fees, session fees, or hidden charges, RIMONE offers two plans: a one-time charge(with no monthly fee) and a Membership plan (to unlock our lowest rates). We base our rates on regional utility costs, allowing us to offer the lowest possible rates in each area.



Partner with India's Best Charging Network

Growing the nation’s best public charging network takes a village. Whether you're a site host, policymaker, or fleet/OEM owner, RIMONE is the right partner for you.