Be the Green leader of India and achieve the green leader title by adopting EV charging infrastructure at your location.

Why RIMONE Charge?

E-mobility Has Arrived! Within few years, most of the vehicles on the roads will be electric
  • RIMONE is India's best charging network for electric vehicles.
  • Attract new customers with an addon charging facility at your business.
  • Save the environment and achieve your sustainable goals.
  • Avoid the maintenance and operation cost with RIMONE charging solution.

RIMONE is India's best and most reliable public charging network for electric vehicles. With our aim to set up hundreds of charging stations in the coming few years at various locations in metropolitan areas. RIMONE owns and operates its nationwide network of chargers, which are compatible with all EV models. Founded in 2020, RIMONE partners with retail hosts, hotels, shopping centres, gas stations, parking lot operators, and other stakeholders to make it easier to charge your EV close to where you live, work and play. We are also committed to providing a reliable charging experience for customers as well as fleet and rideshare operators.

Charging Infrastructure with No Operation & Maintenance Cost

Future Proof Your Business

RIMONE will manage all the activities from installation to maintenance and best customer service.

Convenient Charging For You & Your Customers

Choose the Charging type according to the requirement for the most convenient and affordable charging with RIMONE.