Home Charge

Now users can easily charge their EV at home with rimone and monitor their electric vehicle's past sessions and performance.

Public Charging

EV charging is an effective way to attract, retain and engage employees. Fleet electrification will lead to lower TCO and higher revenue.


Travelling in your EV, worrying about the next charge. Well rimone got you covered. Now you can charge your EV with our fast-charging network.

The charging which is

Convenient, Reliable & Affordable

Rimone charging network is located at carefully chosen locations so that EV drivers can charge their electric vehicles while doing their daily errands. This way people can charge with the ease of doing their work and can save a lot of time.

Charging in Just Three Simple Steps

Plug in Connector

Check the connector type supported by your EV and then just the plugin.

Swipe to start charging

Use Rimone app/card and swipe to start the charging session.

Charge and you are ready go

The rest of the things will be done by the charger and your car