A few tips on gracious charging behaviour for EV Charging

Tips For Clean Charging Session

  • Use a Mobile app to operate the chargers for Contactless charging.
  • Wear gloves while using the socket to plugin.
  • Wipe the charger surface with a cloth if you don't have gloves.
  • Must wash your hands or use a sanitiser.

Charging While at Daily Errands

  • Park at the charging space, only if charging.
  • Monitor your charging session with the app.
  • Use level 2 chargers for long battery life.
  • Put the connector back once you're done.

Charging space is for EV only

Electric vehicles (EVs) should be parked in a charging space only when they are actively charging. Once a charge is complete, the driver should disconnect the vehicle immediately and move their cars from the space to allow other customers to access the charger. You can even be fined for leaving a car in an EV charging space while not actively charging at some places.

Moving with e-mobility

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