Curious about EV, we will answer all your questions related to electric vehicles. We’ll start from the basics, What is an electric vehicle? to the nuts and bolts of variables that affect your charging speeds. Scroll at your leisure! And feed your curiosity.

How EV Charging Is Different From Filling Fuel Cars


Charging your EV is just like… charging your mobile phone. Yes! Just like how people have different habits for charging their phones, EV drivers have different habits for charging their vehicles. Some people charge their phones at night while they sleep. Some charge at work at their desk. And others take advantage of chargers everywhere they go like in their car, at home, at the airport etc. wherever they can. Similarly there are several options for how to charge your EV, just like there are for charging your phone.

Time to Charge

Currently, EV charging from zero percent to full takes time as compared to refilling petrol/diesel in the car. However, as the EV market is in the early stage, most people charge with EVs at home or place of work, saving a lot of time. As EV market is expanding, RIMONE has a plan of installing fast chargers too, which can charge your EV within few minutes.

EV's are EcoFriendly

Fossil fuels are coming to an end. These are non-renewable resources and will get exhausted one day. Fossil fuels produce a lot of harmful substances while burning such as smog, greenhouse gases, and other harmful substances.
Whereas electric vehicles produce zero carbon emissions. Also, PHEVs and HEVs are more efficient than ICE, they produce much fewer carbon emissions while running.


Driving an electric vehicle will costs you less money than driving an ICE vehicle. Fuel prices are not fixed and vary according to the market, whereas charging depends upon electricity which will be going to be cheaper with a renewable source of generation. The maintenance cost of EV's is very less as there are very few mechanical parts in the EV as compared to ICE vehicles. As the electric vehicle market is evolving simultaneously, reforms are being performed to make charging faster and economical.

3 Types of Connectors