Plug in Connector

Start with the opening of your EV's charging port. Choose the suitable connector from the charger. Plugin the connector into the charging port of you EV until it gets connected firmly.

Swipe to start charging

To initiate the session, use the Rimone app/card and swipe to start the charging. Once the charger is activated and the session starts, your screen will show the charger is in use. Now you can do your daily errands, grab a bite and enjoy the moment of the day.

Charged!!! Ready to Go

When you are to hit the road, return to the charger and stop the session from your screen. If charging was done before you return, the Rimone app will inform you about the same Return to the car, release the connector and place it back in the holster.

The Electric vehicle controls the charging speed and once charging begins and the battery warms up, EVs typically draw the maximum flow of kilowatts available from the charger in which the EV's battery is designed to handle. The charger will hold this rate for as long as possible, though it may drop to a more moderate speed if the vehicle tells the charger to slow down so as not to compromise battery life. Once an EV’s battery reaches a certain level of capacity, usually 80%, charging slows significantly.